Welcome Back to Beck Primary School

For information and arrangements about returning to school including new start times, please click "Parent Letters" menu option, or have a look at our "Parent Information & Support" section which includes our new parent information blog, updated regularly by Mrs Coats with key information and assembles which celebrate pupil’s achievements.

A returning to school safely message from Greg Fell, the Director of Public Health in Sheffield.

COVID-19 Updates

A letter to parents from our Execitive Head.

pdficon large Parents Letter 


COVID-19 absence, a quick guide for parents.

pdficon large Parents COVID-19 absence guide


Confirmed case of COVID-19 - Information for all parents

pdficon large Confirmed case of COVID-19 Information


Latest Blogs

23 October 2020
We have celebrating Recycling week this week in Y6. We have learnt about the different types of plastics, the effects on the environment, we've calcul...
23 October 2020
This week's Learning Champion in 4SJ is Freya! She has had a brilliant first half term back at school and has aimed high in everything she has do...
23 October 2020
We are super impressed with the amazing artwork the children have created this week! They are extremely proud of themselves! Well Done !...
23 October 2020
TADA! 4DL are so proud of their completed buildings. As you can see they are amazing and we are really proud of them. They have worked so hard and rea...

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School Letters

Dangerous Paking around school.

pdficon large Dangerous parking letter 21/10/20 


Sheffield City Council admissions to school 2021-22 enrolments Foundation Stage 2.

pdficon large Pupil admissions Sheffield City Council

"The welfare of everyone at the school, pupils and staff, is of the utmost priority."

(Ofsted, 2019)