Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to our FS2!

We’re really excited to welcome you to FS2. Here you’ll find out more about what children learn about in Fs2 and our Fs2 team.

The Team

F2AS – Mrs Jacobi and Miss N Khan
F2RK – Miss R Khan and Mrs Croad
F2HB – Miss Bourne and Mrs Kirk

What children learn in FS2

There are 3 topics in Foundation Stage 2 which underpin the learning each academic year. These topics are:

  • What’s Your Story? – Ourselves and Where we Live
  • How Could We Get There? – Transport
  • How Does Your Garden Grow? Plant Growth & Minibeasts

All topics are generated by a range of fiction and non-fiction books and the interests of the children.

Alongside these topics children will also learn about the 4 seasons,seasonal changes and important festivals and celebrations which take place during the calendar year.

Children in Foundation Stage 2 follow the Read Write Inc Scheme which really helps them to make progress in their early literacy skills. You can find out more information about this on the Phonics and Early Reading page on our website.

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What’s Your Story? – Ourselves and Where we Live

During the Autumn term children are learning to get to know each other, their new environment and the adults in the setting. This topic focuses on Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Children will also be continuing to expand in the prime areas of the curriculum as they learn to make new friends, take turns, share and respect the views and values of others. This term children will produce self-portraits using a variety of different media, focusing on colour and facial features and they will explore the work of some famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. These portraits will be displayed in an art exhibition at the end of term. Children will also begin learning about the human skeleton, the local area, occupations, important celebrations and similarities and differences between themselves and other families.

How Could We Get There? – Transport

During the Spring term children learn and about familiar types of transport such as buses, trains and cars and more unusual types such as hot air balloons and space rockets. Children will learn how and when this transport is used and how it travels. Children will also learn that some occupations use specific types of vehicles. During this term children will create transport models of their choice which will be displayed in a vehicle extravaganza at the end of term.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Plant Growth & Minibeasts

During the Summer term when the weather begins to get warmer, children will learn about plant growth and minibeasts. They will have ample opportunity to explore the outdoors, looking for minibeasts in their natural habitats and understanding what plants need to grow. Children will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and grow their own butterflies to release onto the school field. They will also plant seeds and flowers and be responsible for caring for these. During this this term, children will also experience a trip to The Butterfly House. This term will conclude with a garden party, where children can share their learning and make healthy snacks using some of the fruits and vegetables we have been learning about.

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