School Uniform

Uniform is an important part of our school culture. It is a compulsory requirement for all children and helps them to feel part of the Beck team.

At Beck we are committed to keeping uniform costs as low as possible for our families. Uniform with the Beck logo is available to order online through Logo Leisurewear LTD.  However we are also happy for parents to buy standard uniform without our logo from supermarkets who offer cost-effective alternatives.

Beck Primary School’s standard school uniform consists of the items below. All of the clothing below can be worn at any point during the year, dependent on the weather.

School Uniform

Tops Yellow, navy or white polo shirts.
Jumpers or Cardigans Navy sweatshirts or navy cardigans (hooded tops are not allowed).

Any sensible grey or black trousers (not jeans, joggers or leggings).

Children may wish to wear dark grey or black trousers, plain or pleated grey or black skirts or grey or black pinafore dresses. Summer dresses in blue and white gingham can also be worn.


Sensible, plain black shoes/trainers (plain black boots may be worn in winter).

No high fashion and expensive trainers, high-heeled shoes, platform soled shoes, flip flops, open toed shoes or strappy sandals.


Physical Education Kit

Children have 2 PE lessons a week. On their class PE days children should come to school in their PE kit.

Tops                     Yellow, navy or white polo shirt and jumper or cardigans
Bottoms Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, shorts or PE skirt (navy, black or grey)
Shoes Trainers, ideally black



Children in Y3, Y4 and Y5 do swimming for one of their PE lessons. Children should come to school ‘beach ready’ in their swimming costume under their clothes. They should bring underwear to change into.

The school swimming service do not allow children to wear earrings of any kind when swimming so all earrings must be removed before swimming lessons.

Swimming Swimming costume and towel (no jewellery is permitted).A permission slip must be signed by a parent or guardian for goggles to be worn.

Please make sure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name.

Beck Primary School’s uniform is available to order online through Logo Leisurewear LTD and usually takes around a week to arrive, however it can take longer at busy times click here to have a look at the range and to place an order online with Logo Leisurewear LTD.


Only watches and stud earrings may be worn in school (no hoop earrings). Watches and earrings must be removed at the start of PE lessons.

Children who have recently had their ears pierced should cover the studs with adhesive tape or plasters provided by parents. School will not provide plasters for this purpose. Staff are not permitted to remove earrings and children must be able to do this themselves.

Beck Primary School follows Sheffield LA policy in this area; please support the school to ensure that your child and other members of the class are safe during Physical Education lessons.

Make-up and Nail Polish

Make-up and nail polish should not be worn in school.

Valuable Items

Valuable items and mobile phones are not allowed in school. Please do not let your child bring any valuable items into school for security reasons; the school is not liable for any loss.

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